Frequently Asked



1. Verify your Stripe account

Due to you being a new seller, sometimes you need to verify your account via these platforms, if these are not verified, you will not receive your funds.

2. Ship your item after payment

Only ship your item once the payment has been processed and the funds are accessible within your chosen account. If you ship prior to the processing of your funds, X Football’s Buyer Protection Policy will become Void. Please make sure the payment is marked ‘completed’ rather than ‘pending’.

3. Send your items with tracked shipping, always 

Once the payment has been completed, make sure to send out your items through a trusted courier with appropriate tracking, this will support any potential claims from buyers of products not reaching the desired destination.

When attempting to list a product, you will be prompted with an opportunity to register as a vendor or sign in to your current account via our ‘sell‘ & ‘person‘ icon within the main header and our ‘list a product’ button. From this, you can add a product through your personalised dashboard. Simply select ‘Product’ then ‘add new product’ will appear.

Simply write the title, description and categorise your product so it is easy for your buyers to find it. Don’t forget images! Once this is completed, select ‘submit’ which will automatically place your product within the marketplace. 

Please ensure you have set your shipping pricing via ‘Settings’ – ‘Shipping’

As expected, images are critical to the sale of your product. To ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of your product, the more images of the product, the better. We recommend taking images of the key aspects of the product including tags, authenticity labels and attributes of the product, if there is wear within the product, please take images of the distinct areas of wear. Please ensure to have as much lighting as possible to display the product as clearly as possible. Need more guidance, check out our ‘selling guide’ for an extensive overview of all things selling.

Of course, every individual wants to sell as much product as possible, to do this, X Football recommends to share your products as much as possible. X Football gives you the opportunity to share your products via your social platforms, giving you even more opportunities to sell your product. Furthermore, depending on the listing quality of your product, you may be featured on the front page of X Football and on our store lists & categories giving you unlimited reach. Keep optimising those listings!

X Football takes a fee of 5% of the total transaction amount of every sale. There may also be additional fees from Stripe from processing the payment. Please refer to Stripes Pricing. There are no additional hidden fees or payments.



Firstly, hello and welcome. X Football has made it super simple to purchase a product. If you see the product that you desire, simply add this product to your cart and proceed to the checkout process via your cart. From here, provide essential information for the sale and add your shipping details. And that’s it! You have your first product.

X Football uses Stripe as its payment provider. This covers all major banks and credit cards and can be processed worldwide.

No! X Football does not charge any additional fees to the buyer. 

No, X Football does not include GST/VAT onto products, it is the sellers responsibility to adhere to any applicable sales taxes within their nation of residence. Therefore, any sales tax will be factored into the final price by the seller.


Order Tracking and Shipping

All shipping and order tracking is the responsibility of the seller and X Football has no responsibility for the loss or damage of goods through transit. It is recommended to all sellers to provide a tracking number to the buyer. If this is given, you will be able to track the order via the chosen couriers official website. If not, please contact your seller to seek more information. All purchases via our website are covered by our ‘Buyer Protection Policy’.

If you have not received your goods within 4 weeks of the sale. Please submit a ‘claim’ and the X Football team will investigate on your behalf. Typically if the seller has not sent the product. He will become black-listed and either the seller or X Football will refund the monetary value of the product and any shipping costs accrued by the buyer.

No, X Football does not cover shipping for sellers. It is the responsibility of the seller to process the shipping of the goods to the appropriate address to the seller.

1. Compare Couriers

You should research different shipping couriers and compare them on rate, quality and reliability. A courier which offer order tracking ability is highly advantageous, allowing your buyers an ease-of-mind when purchasing

2. Buy the right labels

Ensure that you purchase the labels which correctly indicate the size of your parcel in which you are about to sell. If this is incorrect, the parcel may potentially be sent back to you.

3. Create a standard list of shipping pricing

Buyers love simplicity, give them directly your pricing for next day, standard and international shipping options. This allows buyers to clearly determine how much the total transaction will cost.

An Example of this:

Standard Shipping – $15

International Shipping – $30


Refunds & Returns

X Football does not hold responsibility of the returning of an item. It is at the sellers discretion as to whether he will accept returns. Essentially, the return policy consists of returning the product only if it is vastly different to the described product or is not an authentic product.

Our buyer protection policy provides buyers a full refund of their product when bought through our marketplace. These issues must be presented within 30 days of a sale. You will receive a refund if your item does not arrive or is significantly different to what was described. This will be determined by our authenticity team.

If you have a complaint about a seller, simply fill out our claims form and describe your complaint. This will then lead to the X Football team to investigate further, potentially leading to the banning of the individual to the platform.

If you believe that your item is not authentic, please fill out our claim form, select our authenticity claim and include any necessary images or information which may support your claim. The X Football team will then proceed in investigating your claim, leading to a potential full refund based on our Buyer Protection Policy. 

Ask us anything! Our team is here to help

If you have any questions regarding  X Football, please fill out our form with your query and we will get back to  you as soon as possible!