Rinat Egotiko Stellar Pro Goalkeeper Gloves


Rinat Egotiko Stellar Pro Goalkeeper Gloves – Size 8 – Brand New

2022 World Cup glove of choice for Andre Onana (ableit in his special edition Cameroon colourway)

A Rinat classic repeats again in 2022 with an aesthetic update and the same usual balance between reinforced back and tight palm.

PALM: Octoplus latex of German origin, a variation of the Kontact compound with 4mm of latex + 3mm of foam assembled on a negative cut.

BACKHAND: Neoprene body with natural latex on the fingers.

FASTENING: Wristband where the front is an extension of the back and the back is elastic fabric. Fastening strap of an anchor with elastic component.

RECOMMENDED FOR: High performance goalkeeping glove for professional competition.

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