The Ultimate Football Marketplace

Discover hundreds of new & vintage football products from hundreds of sellers.

The Ultimate Football Marketplace

Discover hundreds of new & vintage football products from our community of sellers.

X Football
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Authenticity Guaranteed

Every product listed on X Football has been authenticated by our football experts to ensure you’re getting the genuine product, every time.

Hundreds of Data Points

Our team of football authenticators have a database with key attributes to ensure we can check each product as thoroughly as possible prior to being listed on X Football.

Battling against the Fakes

We are always fighting to eradicate inauthentic products found online and take pride in creating an authentic football marketplace.

X Football Buyer Protection

Authenticity Guaranteed

Hundreds of Data Points

Battling against the Fakes

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X Football provides hundreds of new, used and vintage football products from throughout the world to purchase. Simply shop now and enter your filters to find your products.

Yes, X Football is committed to a fully authentic marketplace. Our authenticity team ensures that no inauthentic products are placed onto the site through our thorough authenticity process prior to publishing.

We are looking to add in the offer function to our products shortly. Watch this space!

We allow all types of product conditions onto the site. When the seller is placing their product online, they will need to determine the condition via our selector. Our authenticity team will also ensure that the right product condition has been chosen.

Sure! X Football has a connection of sellers all throughout the world. Head to our instagram @xfootballco and send us a DM for what product you are after and we will do our best to source.

Simply head to our Sellers page, sign up with a few key details such as your name, store name and payment methods, then you’re good to go! X Football provides a dashboard which can be used to upload products, configure shipping, manage orders and more!

X Football is looking to add this feature in very shortly. Watch this space!

Can’t find your question?